The firm, Piero Rivola SA, was born in 1960 and is specialized in the field of plumbing installations and heating systems. In the last 15 years, the company has also affirmed its position in the car-wash market, introducing an advanced system .

The freedom of action of the firm's collaborators has brought the DRAGO system closer and closer to perfection. This work has resulted in the car-wash whose innumerable advantages will later be illustrated.

Rivola SA, is a serious and reliable company, with many years of experience behind it; the cordial and serious collaborators are proof of this.

The trust shown us by our customers is at the base of our success. Besides an excellent self-service car-wash technology, the Rivola SA team also offers financial consultation and will follow your plan from beginning to end.

Our customers can count on us at each step of the way: before, during and after the acquisition.


We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Piero Rivola SA

6802 Rivera (Switzertland)
Phone ++41 91 935 90 00
Fax ++41 91 935 90 01

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