How to construct a DRAGO station

The construction license for a DRAGO car wash is subordinate to the presentation of the construction application.

Study for the construction of a station on a determined piece of property:

  1. Obtain a general map of the area, a blueprint of the property indicating the actual measurements, indication of relative access points, rights of compliance and eventual servitude registered on the property. Have these examined by one of our consultants (the material can also be sent by fax), after which we will present our advice and, if necessary, the first project.
  2. When in possession of our directives, go to the qualified authority (local office of engineering or community appointed land surveyor) in order to find out if it is possible to build a car wash. (It is useless to bear expenses for the presentation of the construction application if it is obvious that it is not possible to build).
  3. If you decide to present a construction application, have it done by a local engineer.
  4. When you get the permit, with the colloboration of our appointed representatives, one can proceed with the execution of the operation.

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