The market of car-washes

A study about the situation of car-wash markert (25000 vehicules considered) gave the following results:

Deeper analysis of this study reveal that the results are due to the fact that:

Half of all vehicules are hand washed in improper areas. Only 10 % of car owners use self-service car washes with pressurized hoses ( this is due to the fact that DRAGO car washes are not yet everywhere to be found ) .

Recent studys prove that this percentage is destined to increase notably within the next 10 years, whereas the number of traditional car wash users (tunnel types, etc.) will remain the same.

Actual Market Situation

The actual market situation is very favourable.

The number of vehicules in circulation is constantly increasing; unfortunately, an insufficient number of car wash centers have been installed.

Demand is greater than supply.

We still have an underdeveloped market full of investor oppurtunities.


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