The use of the DRAGO car wash

The system used in Drago centers is very simple. All it takes is to get the tokens from the automatic distributor and the driver may place his vehicule wherever he choses without being obliged to do all of the operations (car wash, vacuum, window wash and dashboard) in the case that he does not wish to.

Car wash

Upon having taken place in the wash spot, the driver simply has to grip the hose and insert a token in the automatic control box on which the button for the selection of the desired phase (prewash, wash, rinse, finishing spray) is positioned.

The automatic control box


Operation 1: Prewash

The pressurized hose ejects soapy, lukewarm water, with which one quickly wets down the parts to be washed, holding the nozzle (front part of the hose) at a distance of about 10-50 cm from the car body.

Duration of the operation: approx. 1 minute

Operation 2: Wash

The pressurized hose ejects hot, soapy water with which one washes all parts of the automobile using slow, methodical movements, slowing down particularly in the proximity of the dirtiest areas in order to heat and soak the dirt longer.

The nozzle should be held very close to the car body to avoid that the water heat and pressure do not lose their effect (2-5 cm on resistent varnish, glass and crome parts and 10-20 cm on poor quality varnish, plastic parts, spoiler etc.). Particular attention should be paid to the front part of the car on which one must persist due to gnats.

Duration of the operation : approx. 3-4 minutes

DRAGO arrives everywhere

Operation 3: Rinse

It is essential to begin at the car roof, keeping the hose at a distance variating between 30-40 cm, to eliminate the soap on the car by causing it to slide down.

Duration of the operation : approx. 1 minute

Operation 4: Finishing spray

The hose ejects water treated with osmos, which evades the formation of dried water drop marks. An accurate rinse of the entire automobile is essential in order to obtain a perfect finish.

Duration of the operation: approx. 1 minute

This type of system could be used from all


Total duration of complete wash: approx. 6-7 minutes

Total number of tokens needed: 5-6 tokens



Following the car wash, the client has the possibility to move to the area equipped with vacuums to continue with the internal cleaning of the vehicule, requiring only 1-2 tokens.

Furthermore, if one desires to clean the inside windows and dashboard, an area defined as "Final touches" is provided where one can park to do this.

Distributors are also provided for car cleaning products such as window cleaning towellettes and dashboard cloths. (1 token = 1 cleaning product).

A vacuum cleaner for the inside cleaning of the vehicles


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