The DRAGO Car Wash

This car wash system was conceived particularly for automobiles,but among its numerous advantages as compared to traditional automatic systems, it can also wash other types of vehicules (motocycles, bicycles, motorboats, campers, trailers, etc.).

This feature makes it the most complete system to be found on the car wash system market at the moment.

It can wash diffrents type of vehicules

Differentiating itself from traditional types of car washes by being totally self-serviceable, it is a complete innovation in this field. Today self-service in In, through utility and economizing it is no further necessary to hire operators.

The DRAGO station permits the washing of more than one vehicule at a time, depending on the size of the location (centers may have 2 to 12 spots), thus avoiding the formation of waiting cars.

Exemple of a center of 6 box

Piero Rivola SA
6802 Rivera (Switzertland)
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